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Retail Park Niemodlin

Niemodlin ul. Opolska

The next RWS Group’s project will be carried out in Niemodlin (Opole Voivodeship) which is located 27 kilometers from Opole.

On the parcel with a total area of 2,3 ha, the set of commercial buildings will be constructed. It will be the biggest commercial facility in the region – the designed footprint area is about 8 000 m2  

The project will be located in the central part of the town, nearby the main road (Opolska Rd) which is also a trunk highway number 46. In the nearest neighborhood, there are also multi-family buildings and estates of single-family houses.

In Niemodlin live almost 7 000 people, but there are about 13 500 residents of the whole municipality. Nowadays, small towns and cities have a high investment potential due to the fact that usually, they are the only commercial centers in a region. The customers’ expectations also increased, people usually want to do fast and convenient shopping without the necessity of going to the bigger city.

Thanks to its natural and historical values, Niemodlin attracts a lot of tourists and is one of the most often visited towns in the region.

Creating the Regional Shopping Centres we are able to provide the residents of small towns and cities access to the basic goods and a wide offer of retail and service facilities.

The offer’s supervisor
Ewa Rybak
+48 532 152 217

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