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Retail Park Olsztyn

Olsztyn, Sielska

A shopping complex with a total volume of approximately 52,000 m³ will be built on a plot of approximately 4.6 ha. The usable area, on the other hand, will be approximately 15,000 m². A total of 29 commercial premises of varying sizes, ranging from 40 to 1,950 m², have been designed for the entire development.

The new retail park in Olsztyn will be located at 36D-36L Sielska Street, which connects national roads 16 and 51 and is the main thoroughfare in the Olsztyn-Ostróda direction.

Already at the design stage, the investment attracted a great deal of interest from contractors, so that even before construction began, most of the premises had been leased and the commercialisation process was nearing completion.

Future tenants will include well-known entities from the food, rtv and white goods sectors, as well as shops of popular pet, clothing and drugstore chains.

A petrol station will also be built within the retail park. In addition, as part of the implementation of the investment, the road system will also be modernised through the construction of a junction with circular traffic on Sielska Street to facilitate communication around the investment.

The project has a legally binding planning permission, with works starting in July 2023.

The works are scheduled to be completed at the end of Q2/2024.

The offer’s supervisor
Małgorzata Małachowska
+48 882 366 449

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