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Gdańsk, Motławska

Granaria is located on Granary Island, in the very centre of Gdansk, among the most important tourist attractions and in the vicinity of numerous cultural and entertainment centres that set the rhythm of daily events. Granary Island is currently the most fashionable place in the Tricity, teeming with life and energy of the city.

The second stage of the investment will involve the construction of apartment buildings located in the quarter between Pożarnicza and Basztowa Streets. Both the architecture itself and the way the buildings are finished with red brick directly refer to the style in which historical granaries were built. This phase of the project is complemented by the reconstruction of the marina and an increase in the number of berths for yachts, which, thanks to the conversion of the Stągiewny Bridge into a drawbridge, will be able to move freely on the Motława and around the island.

As the RWS Group, we are the owner of service premises together with a shopping arcade with a total usable area of over 2,000 square metres, which are located on the ground floor of one of the tenement houses forming part of the second phase of Granaria under construction, which is located between Motława and Chmielna Streets.


We offer units with varying areas from 58 to 300 sqm.

Another advantage is the spacious walkway, which provides an internal connection of all the units into one unique usable space. The common area of 764 sq m will also provide additional space for business and expand the total area of the respective premises – there is a possibility of external display of tables

The planned completion date for the development and the delivery of the commercial units is expected to be at the end of Q2/2024.

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