Available premises Commercial and service


Gdańsk, Zygmunta Noskowskiego

The presented premises are located in a retail park at Noskowskiego 1 Street, just 2 km from Galeria Morena and one of the most fashionable districts of the city Piecki-Migowo.

Near the retail park, there are housing estates, elementary school, kindergartens, accommodation facilities and a gas station.
At a distance of 50 meters there is a bus stop Wagnera 01.

The tenants include, among others, a kindergarten, a flower shop, a bakery, a meat delicatessen and a German chain of food discount stores or Hebe drugstore. In the adjacent premises there are two fruit and vegetable stores, a tailor, a pet store and a pizzeria.


The offer’s supervisor
Ewa Rybak
+48 532 152 217

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