07, 12, 2020

The construction of the next stage of Granaria is underway - the residential, service and hotel project, which won first place in the Urban Project category in the MIPIM competition. The distinction in such a prestigious real estate competition confirms the exceptional character of the whole investment.

Granaria is being built in the heart of Gdańsk on Granary Island, whose historical character is being reborn today. The architecture of the buildings refers to the former granaries, with their characteristic soaring roofs, and the individual building segments are each finished in a different style, referring in turn to the various buildings of the Main Town. Thanks to this, modern buildings harmoniously combine with the tradition and rich history of the city, creating new, timeless space.
In the first stage a complex of hotel buildings with an area of over 14 thousand square meters and a service and residential building with an area of over 9 thousand square meters was created.

In the next stage there will be office, residential and hotel buildings, as well as a common underground part with a large-area parking lot. The first floors of the buildings will be used for commercial premises, mainly restaurants and cafes.

RWS Investment Group has acquired ownership of two tenement houses, which are part of the fourth quarter of the Granaria development, with a total of 85 residential and commercial premises.

The apartments will be characterized not only by modern architecture and prestigious location, but also an exceptional view of the Gdańsk marina. Some of the apartments will also have a roof terrace overlooking the panorama of the Main Town.

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