Current state of construction works on a complex of commercial buildings in Babice Nowe on ul. Warszawska

19, 07, 2018

Construction works on the investment in Babice Nowe are in progress. At present, work is taking place at the Biedronka building in building A. Installation of angles for the installation of façade sheet, trapezoidal sheet on the roof and thermal insulation of the façade in places under the sheet is in progress.

In Part B assembly takes place over the substructure under the Corten sheet. Thermal insulation and the membrane on the last span is in the final stage. Insulation of the parapet wall is still in continuation. The assembly of ventilation ducts has started.

In the C building, the back wall has been insulated with wool, and the construction of the attic walls has been started.

In the part marked as D, concreting of the cores and wreaths of the attic walls is taking place. A water meter chamber is also being made.

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