Plot sale

Property in Chojnice - situated near the town center, close to the railway station, directly next to the main transport node in Chojnice: Lichnowska-Przemysłowa roundabout. The local land use plan allows for construction of retail buildings with retail space exceeding 2 000 m2.2.

  • lease area: 25 928m2
  • Plot number: 698/34, 698/40
  • Map: download

Property in Dywity - Olsztyn poviat in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship - consists of four plots and is situated in the very center of the town, at national road DK51. The property has a developed 292 m2 building and is adjacent to the local cultural center. It takes only a 5 minutes drive from Dywity to reach the center of Olsztyn.

  • lease area: 4 121 m2
  • Plot number: 449/1, 449/2, 449/3, 449/4
  • Map: download

Property in Stargard   – Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship, situated approx. 2500 m away from the city center at ul. Szczecińska - the exit road to Szczecin. There is a number of housing estates and currently developed projects in its direct vicinity. The local land use plan allows for the construction of retail and residential buildings.

  • lease area: 22 818 m2
  • Plot number: 121, 123/9
  • Map: download

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